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With generous support from the American Music Project, I will perform two solo programs of 20th century American piano music, in the Summer of 2023 in Chicago. Below you can find the full programs. Locations and dates will be announced shortly! -sa

Program 1

HENRY COWELL (1897-1965): “The Banshee”, “Tides of Manaunaun”, “Aeolian Harp”, “Sinister Resonance”, “Fabric”
JOHN CAGE (1912-1992): In a Landscape, Dream
AARON COPLAND (1900-1990): Piano Variations

PAUL PINTO (b. 1982): Every Note on the Piano
MARTI EPSTEIN (b. 1959): Haven
MORTON FELDMAN (1926-1987): Palais de Mari

Program 2

FLORENCE PRICE (1887-1953): Thumbnail Sketches in A Day in the Life of a Washerwoman

I. Morning

II. Spinning Dreams at the Washtub

III. A Gay Moment 

VIRGIL THOMSON (1896-1989): Portraits

I. Maurice Grosser: Alternations (1929)

II. Virgil Thomson: Self-Portrait (1929)

III. Theodate Johnson: Invention, Busy and Resting (1940)

IV. Jane Bowles: Early and As Remembered (1942/1985)

V. Richard Flender: Solid, Not Solid (1981)

VI. Karen Waltuck: Intensely Two (1981)

FREDERIC RZEWSKI (1938-2021): De Profundis


MEREDITH MONK (b. 1942): Paris

EARLE BROWN (1926-2002): Folio

I. October 1952

II. November 1952 ("Synergy")

III. December 1952

IV. MM - 87 March 1953

V. MM - 135 March 1953

VI. Music for "Trio for Five Dancers" June 1953 

VII. 1953

PHILIP GLASS (b. 1937): Glassworks, I. Opening

TERRY RILEY (b. 1935): In C

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