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In Anthem for 1, artist G. Funo O'Kain asked me to write an anthem for her. Some ideas that floated through the collaboration were sense of belonging, patriotism, Asian American identity, and national rituals. From this, I wrote a short piece for solo piano, to be recorded and released on a vinyl album. 

For complete description of the Anthem for 1 work, please visit the website of G. Funo O'Kain here.

Anthem for 1 was released on July 4th, 2021.

To download the score in PDF file, please click the icon below.


A B-side to Anthem for 1 was released in Spring 2021 under the track title "desert" on the album water. desert is a track built off the pitches of the national anthem of Japan, kimigayo, with a field recording by G. Funo O'Kain of a flagpole in the wind, at the historic ground of a Japanese internment camp in Crystal City, and a present day school district.

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