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Piano Parents

for piano and voice memo recordings

Year: 2022

Length: 35 minutes

written for the 2022 Keymore Festival at PianoForte Studios

Program Note:

Piano Parents features voice memo recordings of parents reflecting on the experience of parenthood, as it relates to the piano and the unique stories and relationships that intersect with the instrument.


  1. “ magical…pretty great.” (Marianne Parker), à la Hamilton the Musical

  2. “…calm occupied a much more elevated status.” (Erin Miller), à la Operation Ivy

  3. “...he would just scream.” (Shi-An Costello), à la Claude Debussy

  4. “...because that’s not collaborative, so…” (Christopher Goddard)

  5. “...Erreure!” (Marianne Parker)

  6. “...completely overwhelmed by the terror…” (Erin Miller)

  7. “...the fire continues to burn bright…” (Christopher Goddard)

  8. “...I’m going to keep moving forward with him…” (Shi-An Costello), à la Franz Schubert

Made possible through the generous contributions from Christopher Goddard, Erin Miller, and Marianne Parker.

Shi-An Costello is a BMI composer. All rights reserved.

© 2022

Performance History:

December 17th, 2022: PianoForte Studios, Chicago, IL

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