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Bach Cello Suites is an ongoing project to arrange the solo cello suites.

In [alloy], Shi-An commissions, records and premieres new works by Viet Cuong, Alex Temple, Marina Kifferstein, Aeryn Santillan, Danny Clay, Dorothy Chan, Michal Massoud, and Mischa Salkind-Pearl.

Development takes the keyboard sonatas of Franz Joseph Haydn, and rewrites them into new sound worlds.

Posthumous is Shi-An's 2020 album of the Preludes, Nocturnes and Mazurkas of Frederic Chopin, exploring the themes of death, decay, and reuse.

Rounded Binary is Shi-An's 2018 solo debut album, featuring the preludes and fugues of J.S. Bach and Dmitri Shostakovitch.

Lemonade uses electronic sound manipulation to build sound worlds around the imperfections of live music recordings. This includes Shimmer, and Echo for The End of Time.

Sigh is a 19 second composition written in Exquisite Corpse style, using one second of another person's sighing voice, and the last second of my own.