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My Approach

My approach to private music lessons is student-first, holistic, and stylistically flexible. Each of my students, regardless of age and ability, play an active role in their musical education, and are typically independent and self-motivated in their studies.

Learning Outcomes

Through lessons, my students receive

  • Rigorous training in the fundamentals of classical piano technique
    Finger, wrist, and arm positioning

  • Working knowledge in general music theory
    Note-reading, key signatures/scales, triadic harmony, ear training

  • Enriched musicianship
    Expressing an idea or feeling, dynamics, articulation, form

  • A lifelong love and appreciation for music

What To Expect

If accepted in the studio, the student will receive a series of individualized assignments, based on their interview and audition. The goal of these early assignments is to spark interest, teach the fundamentals of music, and gauge the new student's pace of learning. Each assignment is then adapted and re-arranged, if need be, to align with the student's progress, until a healthy and sustainable work flow is established.

In addition to classical, I welcome students interested in any musical style: Jazz, Video Game Music, Original Movie Soundtracks, Electronica, Pop, and Contemporary Classical are all examples of what my students have or currently work on. (Please explore the Student Repertoire List of current and recent students)

Request an interview and audition here

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