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LIST OF WORKS, 2020-2023

(sorted by year)

Click on the work title for more info.


new work, in progress

for flower pots, violin and cello
commissioned by Missing Piece, Earth/Land project

Music for short film, in progress

music for short film
in collaboration with Malik Jackson

human v. nature, in progress

for piano quartet (vln, vla, vc, pno), 10-70 minutes
commissioned by Cacie Miller and friends

Fairies (2018, ed. 2023) (score available)

for piano trio (vln, vc, pno), 9 minutes

recorded at Elmhurst University with composer Ethan Jankowski and Missing Piece

the orient (score available)

solo piano, 45 minutes

presented on the eve of APAHM 2023, in collaboration with Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Chicago


for saxophone quartet, 9 minutes
commissioned by masso quartet


Piano Parents

for piano and voice recordings, 35 minutes

written for the first annual Keymore Festival for contemporary piano at PianoForte Studios

String Quartet for

for any objects, 10-30 minutes

written for Comfort Station's piano, before and after disassembly

diminishing 5ths (score available)

for detuning violin and cello, 20-60 minutes

commissioned by Missing Piece

It just moves

for piano and fixed media, 4 minutes

written for Sandra Binion's exhibit at Alliance Française de Chicago

Three Oblong Studies (score available)

for oboe, Bb clarinet and tenor saxophone, 6 minutes

written for The _____ Experiment

Geen Cheen's Cassettes

for viola and piano, 5 minutes

for violin and piano, 6 minutes

for flute and piano, 6 minutes

viola version written for Sixto Franco



for solo piano, 8 minutes

commissioned by Magnus Villanueva

Household Sounds of Chicago (HTT Cut)
for piano and fixed media, 10 minutes

commissioned by High Concept Labs and Walder Foundation

Music for Anthem for 1
for solo piano, 3 minutes
commissioned by G. Funo O’Kain


for electronics and solo instruments, 15 minutes
released as an album under artist name Coshian

lead the follower

for any group of instruments, 15 minutes or less, or more than 15 minutes, if voted upon with 6/8ths supermajority


the memory of remembering 
after Chopin Prelude No. 24, Op. 28

for piano solo, from 3 minutes to an entire evening
written and dedicated to Jonathan

for two players, electronics and fixed media, 10 or more minutes
commissioned by Chromic Duo for the 25th annual Asian American Jazz Festival

Encores for piano

for piano solo, 10 minutes
premiered at Epiphany Arts Center, New Music Chicago’s 15th anniversary bash

Shimmer (score available)

for toy piano and fixed media, 2.5 minutes
written and dedicated to Francis Yun

Music for Are You Happy With The Answer?

music for short film

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